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Why mobile payments are not so popular in USA

April 9, 2010 3 comments

I was thinking why mobile payments are not used here in USA when other countries like India using in big way in my recent visit to India I was surprised to see we can book railway reservations right on mobile phone using mobile payment not only that I have seen at least two stores who accept mobile payments there are two companies who support this technologies in India  and they started developing this technology 4 years now why paypal did not think about this till recently I was researching are there any companies who is doing this in. USA I found that there are few companies who does this
Recently paypal launched its mobile payment platform to public , intuit has an option for merchant accounts but Mobile payment system is not used here although there are some companies like are there I don’t see them have many people use the service.

What my feeling is all this goes back to the point that US has waste majority of people who use internet on computer where as in india people use mostly phones for every thing.
what i have observed is including my self  I fell more comfortable using laptop or computer to buy online stuff rather than the phone.

If you think any other reason why Mobile payments are not popular In USA please leave your comments.


Iphone OS 4.0 Features

April 8, 2010 1 comment

I was watching Keynote address by Jobs about Iphone OS 4.0 features at Developers preview conference. At last few important features are released here are my observations.

1500 new APIs for developers

2000 APIs hardware accelarated Math functions
Home screen wall paper
Gifting Apps from app store to Friends and Family
Multi Tasking allowed for 7 services

1) Custom Wallpaper
3) Background Audio other than Ipod songs for third party apps
4) Voice Over IP Skype
5) Background Location pointer on GPS
6) Task Completion at the background
7) Fast App Switching
Notification services
Push Notifications was already released in earlier version and they made 10 Billion Notifications over last 10 Months.
Local Notifications
Folders for Apps
based on Category of Apps
user can name new folder or let the Iphone to select based on existing category of the app
Mail Features Unified Inbox
Open attachments with third party Apps
Fast Inbox Switching
Threaded messages
Mulitple Exchange accounts and email accounts
Enterprise Features
better data protection
Mobile device management
Wireless App Distribution to employee devices
Exchange server 2010
SSL VPN support
Game center
50,000 gaming Apps
Social gamming Network between friends or Game users on internet.
Adds on free apps
I think this feature will free app developers some money as 60%(Developer) – 40%(Apple)  model adds are hosted by Apple and served.

Interesting stats about Apple Iphone,Ipad and App market

April 8, 2010 1 comment

Today Jobs announced features of I phone OS 4.0 I was looked at the Developers Preview video online. When jobs mentioned few stats I was really surprised to see Apple always has it own community to stand out different from Crowd any how I just want to share the stats what was mentioned in the Iphone OS 4.0 Developers Preview keynote

Ipad Market Stats.

300,000 ipads on first day
450,000 ipads first 5 days

I books downloaded from Ipad
250,000 Ibooks downloaded on first day
600,000 Ibooks downloaded on first 5 days

>1 Million ipad apps  downloaded on first day
>3.5 Million Ipad apps downloaded till date Thursday

App Store Stats

Till date 4 Billion apps downloaded
185,000 Apps for Iphone
3500 apps for Ipad

Mobile Browser Usage in USA
Iphone : 64%
Android: 19%
Blackberry 9%
Other 8%

Total 50 Million Iphone
Ipod Touches 35 Million

Over 85 Million Ipod Touchs + Iphones + 450K Ipads

My experience with Ipad

April 4, 2010 Leave a comment

After all excitement , watching iPad launch and tech crunch review I thought of giving a shot at iPad to see how it works and feels in my hand so went to best buy yesterday morning and bought one for me since then I started using .It looks good and works perfect as promised but few things I noticed was not happy

Such as flash does not work on safari and international fonts don’t work like hindi at last I found few iPad apps which are very good and for free worth using them.

Since I never used Mac till date i feel Mac is a good operating system but apple is not open minded as other os companies apple imposes a lot of restrictions and restricts them to apple brand

Especially when it comes to iPhone and iPad they control apps market such closely I happened to read developer agreement online it is very strict

I did find some issues in technology wise which it has to improve
Which I was not aware till date that the iPhone does not have these features as I am using this Mac device first time

I am surprised to learn that iPhone or iPad can not do multi tasking such as running two applications at a time after researching on net I found that they will add multi tasking in next version of os I.e 4.0

I noticed that we can not run any app in the background for example I have voice recorder app while I am recording the voice I want to browse Internet or compose an email

These small things can not be done

One more last annoying thing is there is no simple file explorer to see all list of files available on iPad and it’s size and type of the file and so on

Still I have read few app developers stories online who made millions. In selling apps there is no surprise because today AppStore hosts more than 150,000 apps

I my self bought few good apps which can be used for my kids

I must say netflix app is great to watch movies online
And uploadingit another free 20 gb storage online

I feel 3G model would look great because we can access internet any where

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