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Why India did not produce Innovative Enterprises like Apple,Google,Microsoft,GE or IBM

I keep thinking why India did not produce any innovative companies like GE or Google

After thinking for few minutes keeping in mind that I am from India and lived in USA for a quite some time now.

I understood few reasons why India could not produce such great Innovative companies. This is purely my view of thinking.

In India every one cares about how much profit they make by starting a business. of course any businessman thinks like that, But In India there are very very low number of people who does the business as passion and takes innovative thinking as Investment. You name any company today out of India none of them are Innovative companies that I know but there are so many companies who can provide best in any services on existing technology.
All this comes from our childhood I hope . Normally Indian Kids spends great deal of time in a day studying and depending on parents ,teacher guidance  there is very little time for the kids to think out of the box . But the same kid can do wonders in repeating the task . I really feel the same concept comes in real life. Of course I also know lot of successful entrepreneurs and scientist  from India my point here is those very small no when compared to USA.

Thats where Infosys ,HCL,Wipro ,Reliance or any  company in India today are doing. India is very good in repeating the task and they do it in great way.

For example first time offshore model : developing software offshore in india for a client started the same thing repeated over and over again and gain so today all these companies .

I really feel one day I can see an Innovative company born out of India and do miracles as Bill gates say there is always some one who is making a dream machine in garage. May be some one India is doing that now.

The reason for having such confidence about India  is the present educational systems ,kids thinking power and life style in India.

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  1. gbilios
    December 2, 2010 at 9:05 am

    indians only care about the money — profit and generating
    revenue.regardless what happens around them the only thing they
    care about is money $$$$ and the rest is all excuses. what was the
    reason the commonwealth games officials in india couldn’t get
    skilled construction engineers? and instead used children to do the
    work. its all about cheating for capital gain.. you indians can’t
    see that 2/3rds of indian territory is a garbage wasteland. you
    water is unsustainable – you gotta pinch it from neighboring
    pakistan..where is the innovation?? there isn’t and there never
    will be..the only innovation in india is excuses..

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